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Hospitality at Petra’s High Place of Sacrifice

Jordanian Hospitality

Jordanian hospitality



After spending some time at the Treasury, I decided to hike up a bit towards the High Place of Sacrifice. After reaching the top, I was greeted by Ahmed who had a small lean to with a few nick-knacks for sale. After showing me a few “rare and old” coins, he invited me in to have tea with his wife and daughter. While We weren’t able to speak that much, his hospitality was a welcome respite from the early morning heat.


Historic Door in the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem

Jewish Door in the Old City in Jerusalem

Historic door in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem


Walking through the Old City in Jerusalem, it’s impossible not to feel the history wash over you. It’s all around in every direction and paints the narrow cobblestone streets and courtyards. Muslims, Jews, and Christians all have thousands of years of history here and it’s evident at every turn. This is just one of the beautiful and intricate doors I encountered on one of my many trips through the Jewish Quarter.


Maldives Manta Cleaning Station Video


During our first dive on the fifth day of my trip to the Maldives aboard the M/V Carpe Vita, we head to a local manta cleaning station. The current was really moving that morning so we had to do a negative entry in to the water in order to get down fast enough and not miss the dive site. Getting down was a challenge as the current was ripping.  I’d guess somewhere around 30 miles per hour. It was by far the most current I’d ever been in and a bit nerve wracking. We finally made it to the bottom and all hooked in to whatever we could find to keep us from blowing away. Just as soon as we hooked in, the mantas started to line up. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was just like a car wash. The mantas would line up single file and wait to be cleaned. Each manta would stay for a minute or two and then fly off and swoop around to the back of the line. During the time we were there, six mantas came through the cleaning station. It was an amazing sight to see and I can’t wait to head back again.



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