19:03:55 flight time

Very long flight from Minneapolis to Tokyo. 12 hours! Luckily, the seat next to me was open and I had some room to stretch out. Unfortunately, there was a family with 3 small children who wailed constantly throughout the flight. I will be sending a note to etymotic when I get back to thank them for their noise canceling headphones.

I had forgotten how nice the Narita airport is. It makes me think of what air travel was like in the US in the 60’s. Everyone is dressed very nicely and it’s quiet and has an aristocratic feel.

The second flight from Tokyo to Bangkok was only 7 hours and much more comfortable. Just about any movie showing is watchable on a long flight. I watched Bonneville and really have no idea what it was about. Just something to stare at for 7 hours.

Got into Bangkok just fine and sped through immigration and customs. When I got to the baggage claim, all the bags came out except mine. I sent the NWA army out on patrol and luckily they came back 20 minutes later with my bag. They couldn’t tell me why it didn’t come out with the others. No matter I’m here and ready to go.