4 days til liftoff

Sunday is launch day. I’m spending my last week at home wrapping things up at work and getting everything ready. While it’s been hectic, with lots of time on the road, it’s been a good year at work. That being said, I’m really looking forward to this break as next year is going to be brutal.

Packing has been interesting. Going into it, I thought I owned everything I wanted to take and it would be quick and easy. As I check things off the list, I realize I’m taking much more than I thought I would and have had to buy a few things. A light packer by nature, I’m getting frustrated at how large the pile is getting.

Most of the things in the pile aren’t clothing. Camera, ipod, first aid kit, toiletries, etc. Amazingly, toiletries take up a tremendous amount of space and are quite heavy. You’d think being bald would knock it down some, but apparently not so much.

The old traveler’s motto keeps echoing in my head; “Lay out everything you plan to take and then cut it in half and double your money.”

I’ll write again once I’m in country. Take care!